About DUBAL America

DUBAL America Inc. (“DAI”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dubai Aluminium PJSC (“DUBAL”) and a member of the Emirates Global Aluminium (“EGA”) group of companies. DAI is the sole distributor of the aluminium products manufactured by DUBAL and Emirates Aluminium Company Limited PJSC (“EMAL”) in North America.

DAI was incorporated in August 1999 in the state of Delaware and actively sells products direct to customers in the transportation, building and construction industries.

Based in St. Louis, MO, DAI provides seamless end-to-end service to all its customers in North America. From contract negotiation, through production scheduling, to supply chain management and delivery of goods – customers have immediate feedback on their orders and enquiries.

“With DUBAL America Inc. (“DAI”) having a local presence, our valuable customers have real-time decision-making capabilities to meet the changes that their business’s experience based on market demand. We are able to provide seamless operations that lead to the success of our customers and ultimately the overall success for EGA in the aluminum industry.”

– Adel Abubakar, Managing Director of DAI.